Associated Colleagues and Specialists

The majority of cardiac issues can be identified by the tests described on these pages, and are often managed with lifestyle changes or medication.

Simple procedures such as coronary angiography, pacemaker insertion, electrical cardioversion or transoesophageal echocardiography are performed by Dr Vasudeva, either at St. Anthony’s Hospital or BMI Coombe Wing (Kingston Hospital).

Occasionally more specialised treatments are required and Dr Vasudeva works very closely with a number of sub-speciality consultants, including:

Professor Simon Redwood (Coronary angioplasty or stent insertion) 
Dr David Ward and Dr Magdi Saba (both ablation) 
Mr Chandrasekaran (cardiac surgery including bypass surgery or valve replacement).

Dr Vasudeva will always be happy to discuss the most appropriate onward referral in the few cases where this is required.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise programme

For many patients exercise is a vital part of the process of improving cardiac health, whether this is to prevent illness developing, or as part of the recovery after a cardiac episode or surgery. Dr Vasudeva works very closely with Heartsure, ( a team specialising in developing a bespoke cardiac exercise programme. Please contact us to discuss further.